FTP-ftp ftp

FTP-ftp We area unit victimisation FTPs (FTP over SSL) to attach to a F T P website hosted on a Windows Server 2008 or later
We have multiple F T P sites victimisation SSL and that we area unit victimisation the virtual hostname feature
purchasers suddenly report association error: “431 did not setup secure session”
The  website certificate has been revived or it’s still valid

Let’s conjointly add some conditions more:
We have another  website employing a wildcard  binding (no virtual hostname used)
The certificate utilized by the wildcard  website is invalid or invalid

As you’ll have guessed already, the key’s to create positive a legitimate certificate is employed by the website victimisation the wildcard binding.
Moar details1!

When I faced this issue myself, my terribly initial question was:

What’s the link between the 2 F T P sites? are not they purported to be utterly unrelated?

The quick answer is: affirmative and no 🙂

From a resource isolation perspective, they’re utterly unrelated. every website has its own directories, ACLs, authentication social control and then on.

However, the link between the 2 will exist once it involves the binding definition.

To go through the elaborate answer, we have a tendency to initial got to perceive however virtual hostnames work.

Virtual hostnames don’t exist within the F T P protocol. though RFC 7151 defines the HOST command, that extends the commands set, not all purchasers and servers implement it. As so much as Windows Server and seven or later area unit involved, the virtual hostname feature entirely depends on the proprietary implementation outlined within the article documented earlier:

the virtual host name is employed as a part of the user name throughout the login method

Virtual hostnames area unit an inventive thanks to deal with the 2 different goals:
Have multiple F T P sites
Have all the sites certain to an equivalent science & Port

Quite the maximum amount as communications protocol SNI will, virtual hostnames permit purchasers to tell the server concerning the particular website they’re aspiring to reach. this permits the server to elucidate among multiple sites listening on an equivalent port.

While SNI is AN extension over the TLS handclasp protocol, that means the server will be knowing concerning the consumer can to succeed in a particular hostname before the communications protocol request is truly processed, in f t p (being it implicit or explicit) there’s no thanks to use such feature. victimisation virtual hostnames may be a smart workaround, however it causes the consumer “intentions” to be disclosed to the server solely throughout the F T P’s handclasp, which implies once the TLS channel has been already stated and therefore the incoming request mapped to the destination website.


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