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I hope you’ve enjoyed a beautiful begin to the vacation season. Of course, the start of the vacation looking season suggests that Santa is currently in his house in Frankfort sq. and also the Chamber’s vacation Giveaway has begun … and ended.

The chamber had another nice celebration of tiny Business Saturday. That day was once more the beginning of the Columbus vacation Giveaway and also the annual retail promotion brought out shoppers on a fine looking Saturday morning in Columbus. This year $60,000 in Columbus greenbacks was offered purchasable with a pleasant bonus: $10 free for each $100 purchased. Those bucks were most gone Saturday by high noon, with the rest purchased Monday morning.

The inventory of free Columbus greenbacks used for the inducement comes from a mixture of business sponsors and also the chamber itself. This year many banks semiconductor diode the means as company sponsors: Cornerstone Bank, Bank of the vale, 1st full service bank, Great Plains bank, nice Western Bank and Pinnacle Bank. The chamber appreciates their recognition of the importance of native, tiny retailers.

Along with the monetary establishments that endowed, variety of native merchants additionally season support through support of the Columbus greenbacks and/or providing a further discount on tiny Business Saturday. I’m getting to take another chance to convey them for supporting themselves and their fellow businesses. They were: town Insurance, Columbus Tire & Service Center, various Hearing, Ma’am promoting, Kay’s Place for Massage medical aid, Urban Farm store, Columbus Bank, Barbara Jean’s, Dynamic Life medical aid & upbeat, Lavender Thyme Gifts, Eakes workplace Solutions, Greiner’s Beds, Charlotte Worley property, Red Apple Farmer’s Market, Tooley Drug and residential Care, Treasures, Home property, TC Home Furnishings, Doozy’s, Imagine That and Sears.

This year the chamber “put our cash wherever our mouth is,” once more putt bucks within the promotion, as well. This year’s investment of $2,000 within the vacation Giveaway is simply that: associate investment. during a world of Cyber Monday and Amazon, communities area unit getting to ought to regularly reinvest therein native retail infrastructure. The investment can take the shape of downtown renovations, political support for web nuisance tax, education and coaching for our retailers, public awareness campaigns, and United Nations agency is aware of what else within the future. Clearly the chamber is prepared to form those investments.

Speaking of belongings you can’t get on-line, however a few visit with Santa? numerous folks came out for a fine looking day Saturday to welcome Santa at his arrival. baccalaureate Construction provided the horse-and-wagon rides, and after all lecture St. Nick himself was a highlight. Santa can currently be in his house in Columbus through Dec. 21. Santa’s home is open 6-8 p.m. Thursdays, noon-4 p.m. Saturdays and 1-5 p.m. Sundays.

The Retail/Services Division of the chamber is proud to support native merchants. They recognize those bucks current domestically suggests that native jobs and resources for roads, schools, charities and on and on. They hope you too can invest your bucks domestically once you will throughout the vacations and every one year. you’ve got the ability to form a distinction in your community.